How to Capture Streaming Video on Mac ?

In our daily life, There are gigabytes of videos on the internet: YouTube clips, sporting events, educational videos, TV shows and live streams of gigs. But what if you want to save streaming video and watch it again later?

Unfortunately, In most situations, online sharing websites do not offer any downloading options, and watching high quality online videos often becomes a mess. If your bandwidth is not enough, it can take too much time to load the video. As for the live streaming videos which aren't available for download or purchase, you can't review them as well. Unless you have Easy Video Recorder for Mac — a powerful program for capturing online video, game missions, screencasts as well as create presentations or video tutorials with amazing video and audio quality. With Easy Video Recorder you can record online video without slowdowns and save it to your hard drive in any format or for any mobile device you like. With this brand new Streaming Video capture software, you will no longer miss any of the action on your Mac screen. Now, Let's see how to Capture streaming video on Mac.

Download "Easy Video Recorder for Mac" Now!

Easy Video Recorder for Mac Download

Step 1: Install Easy Video Recorder for Mac
Wait until the download is finished then run the installation file and follow simple instructions on how to install the program.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac

Step 2: Set all the basic settings that you will need on the main window
Open the program, it will appear a main interface. You can according to your needs select the capture width and capture height; You can click on "Options" button to make some screen settings as needed; You can also choose the: Show Date/Time; Show Cursor; Record Audio; Stop/Stop Keys; Action Keys and so on. In the "Save Folder", choose the position for saving the videos so that the videos will be saved into the location automatically after recording.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac

Step 3: Now, start recording
After the setup completed, open and play your stream video on internet, then click on the top: "Record" button, adjust the recording area and start the video capture. Or trigger the record by pressing the record hot keys (if you have it set).

Step 4: Export your Streaming Video
After recording, Export captured Streaming video to many different file formats including QuickTime, AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, DV, 3GP, etc.

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