How to Capture iTunes DRM Videos on Mac ?

As a screen capturing program which is easy to use, Easy Video Recorder for Mac served as an excellent video recorder, it's also available to record screen video and capture anything on the screen with high video and audio quality.

It can capture videos from purchased or rental iTunes DRM videos, online streaming videos, protected DVD movies, copy protected TV shows & films from online video or video on demand services etc.

Let's see what is the DRM at first? DRM is an acronym for Digital Rights Management, a class of controversial technologies used to restrict the free use and transfer of digital content such as making backup copies of CDs or DVDs, using copyrighted materials. Apple's iTunes implemented a DRM schemes in 2009 built in all of its media downloads (audio files, movies, videos) to limit the number of devices they may be played on.

We all know that all the iTunes videos are protected by the DRM and in M4V protected format. The iTunes DRM is a good way of protecting movie-makers from pirm piracy. But if users want to play iTunes videos on other portable devices, the DRM will be a big trouble. As it prevents users from fully accessing to DRM protected videos. If you want to enjoy movies & TV shows from iTunes store on your PC or other devices without any limitations or DRM protection, Easy Video Recorder for Mac is just the right tool to record every DRM-protected iTunes video and save it as quicktime mov file on Mac. Or export captured video to many other formats including avi, mp4, m4v, mov, dv, 3gp, flc, wav, etc. And these files ready for use on any computers or mobile devices.

Here is the step-by-step guide of how to capture iTunes DRM videos on Mac :

Step 1, Download "Easy Video Recorder for Mac" on your Mac and then open it.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac Download

Step 2, In the main window, you can adjust capture settings, set some hot keys, set the capture area, record audio, select a target folder as output location.

Easy Video Recorder for Mac

Step 3, Then click the record button to start recording the iTunes DRM video. Once you finish the screen recording, the DRM will automatically removed from the iTunes video on your Mac. And you can find the video file located at the output folder you set.

Now everything is all set, you can play and enjoy these videos without problems on your other devices. Just share your success with this great software to your friends right now!

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